Date of debut :: April (NO EXACT DATE)
Number of members :: 7 Members
Under :: CUBE Entertainment


Name : Park Chorong (박초롱)

D.O.B : March 3th , 1991 
Height : 165cm
Weight : 46kg
Position : Leader , Rapper , Vocalist
Specialty: Dance, Taekwondo
Twitter @Apinkpcr
*Featured in BEAST “Soom” Japanese Ver

Name : Son Na Eun (손나은)
D.O.B : February 10th , 1994
Height : 168cm
Weight : 47kg
Position : Vocalist
Specialty: Dance, Acting, Art
Twitter : @Apinksne 
  • Featured in BEAST “Soom” Korean Ver.

Name : Oh Ha Young (오하영)
D.O.B : July 19th , 1996
Height : 167cm
Weight : 46kg
Position : Maknae , Vocalist
Specialty: Singing, Dance
Twitter : @Apinkohy

Name : Jung Eun Ji (정은지)
D.O.B : August 18th , 1993
Height : 164cm
Weight : 47kg
Position : Main Vocalist
Specialty: Piano
Twitter : @Apinkjej
Name : Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경)
D.O.B : September 22nd , 1994
Height : 167cm
Weight : 48kg
Position : Vocalist
Specialty: Singing, Dance
Twitter : @Apinkhyk
Name : Kim Nam Joo (김남주)
D.OB : April 15th , 1995
Height : 165cm
Weight : 46kg
Position : Rapper , Vocalist
Specialty: Singing, Dance
Twitter : @APINKKNJ
Name : Yoon Bomi (윤보미)
D.O.B : August 13th , 1993
Height : 163cm
Weight : 45kg
Position : Rapper , Vocalist
Specialty: Singing, Dance
Twitter : @Apinkbm
01. Seven springs of Apink (1:33)
Composed and Lyrics by 슈퍼 창따이
Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이, 배영호
02. 몰라요 (Mollayo - I Don't Know) (3:42) [TITLE]
Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이
03. It girl (3:23)
Composed and Lyrics by 김건우 a.k.a Secret K
Arranged by 김건우 a.k.a Secret K , 송기홍 in BlueBridge
04. Wishlist (3:33)
Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 신사동 호랭이
05. Boo (3:08)
Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 슈퍼 창따이 
Strong and powerful visual performance in the cube-line! A -Cube entertainment's ambitious work/product! Finally, girls! [A pink] is out.

APink's new album, 『A Seven springs of Apink 』 2PM of the 'I Hate You', 'Tired' will be the music industry's new blue chips (trend)! Trends led from Super-changttayi's producing are anticipated.

The composer of Secret Garden OST 'the man' Kim Gunwoo, Best hit-maker 'ShinSaDong HoRaengi' have worked together as the best composers for conveying 'a girl's expressional melody' that is anticipated and expected in A pink's first mini-album.

In 『 Seven springs of A pink』 , from the intro to all the released songs, are all so good that all songs are favorably from APink. The 5 songs begins with an orchestral intro track "Seven springs of Apink", followed by the title song, "I do not know," bold confession of a girl "It girl", and a gift from 'ShinSaDong HoRaengi' with full affection "wishlist", and finally the strong melody "Boo", consist a total of five songs.

A-cube's ambitious A Pink's first album 『 A Pink Seven springs of A pink 』represent the the meaning of various kinds of representation and combining the concept of 7 girl members with a variety of different expressions as the final resolution for the concept for Apink.

The title song of Apink's new album,『 A Seven springs of Apink 』,"I do not know," is the Hit-maker 'Super- Changttayi's ambitious song made with full affection prepared for a long time.

The seven girls' emotional and potential talent expressed in A PINK's songs brings the Classical melody in the idol music market new freshness , a continuation of existing trends and other unique arrangement techniques whirring in the mainline of the music market and the song itself is enough as the new Mecca. 

Seven people, each member of the clear differences between features and the vocal area made in by the Composer for each member gives the song a fresh spring feel reminiscent of a butterfly and a fun, cute dance performance is impressive and represent the A PINK's song genre.

The third track "It girl", is the hit maker of the Drama Secret Garden's OST, "The man"s Composer, Kim Gunwoo's work. The song professed the bold direct love confession of a teenage girl to the boy friend she likes. The interesting lyrics of the song heard, repeated and addictive melody lines gives the song a more lively mood.

The fourth track song "Wishlist" is the pure and refreshing music 'ShinSaDong HoRaengi' has presented in a peculiar affection as the lead of the Trend. This song is made with the feeling of pure, clean, clear are attractive for APink.
The Dream of girls' Ideal pure love put in a wishlist is expressed through their vocals. This song is not simple and easy to sing along and the chorus made it more an impressive song.
p/s : I did not own this video.
Others :
  1. All of them expect Eunji were featured in BEAST “Beautiful” MV.

  2. Chorong , Naeun , Yookyung in CF Appearance with BEAST/Shin Sekyung for BBQ Chicken.

Sources : Yesasia, Translated by Ryuinnie @ Twitter.comTaken from A-Pink.net(Album Track list), Mayachan05(Biography) 
Shared by : "FiffyCobain"

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